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Hammersmith Palace Cinema 1942

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  • Hammersmith Palace Cinema 1942

    I'm interested in any photographs that might show Hammersmith Palace Theatre circa 1942. It was located at 82 Kings Road, Hammersmith, London... but went by several names until it was demolished in 1950. It had also been known as The Temple of Varieties, The Hammersmith Palace of Variety and originally the Tower Tavern. It was converted for cinema use in the 1930s but I know it was home to a repertory theatre company in 1942 and I'm trying to find anything that shows what it looked like around that time.

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    Here are a couple of pictures that I've found so far (can't confirm the years). They come from the page of Hammersmith theatres at the Arthur Lloyd site;
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      If it will help get you a bit further, Cinema Treasures have this theatre as a profile here

      You will need to click on the photos tag to get the other view listed.


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        Just seen this. Thanks Rick, that was excellent. Thank you.