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Metro News - MGM Newsreel

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  • Metro News - MGM Newsreel

    I've read about MGM setting up their own newsreel outfit in London just after the war (early 1946) under the name of 'Metro News.' Although Metro distributed an international newsreel called 'Metro News World' up until CIA subsidies were withdrawn in 1968, I've no idea if 'Metro News' newsreels actually ran in the UK.

    Anyone in the forum know if 'Metro News' ran in the UK?

    The Metro News headquaters moved from London to Paris in late 1948.
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    Was this anything to do with the American newsreel operation? Where MGM simply acted as distributor for Hearst Metrotone News (renamed News of the Day in 1936) and screened them in their chain of cinemas.


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      Yes there will be a strong connection. The content was fed to Meto by Hearst It sounds like the newsreel project's aim was distributing anticommunist propaganda for Europe. I've read that they hired British technicians and intended to make newsreels for the UK. But they moved the outfit to Paris after a year.

      I was wondering if anything made in the UK appeared in British cinemas.


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        It's a long time ago. Am I right in thinking that the BFI aquired either the rights or the actual prints?

        You could try talking to them, but they are good at ignoring emails if you ask them seomthing they do not want to talk about.


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          Originally posted by Mikey View Post
          ...they are good at ignoring emails if you ask them seomthing they do not want to talk about.
          Yes I have heard that as well. And overly-defensive.


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            You could try and contact the archive at the cta or Allen eyeles.