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Cinema Marquees on Screen (continued)

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  • Cinema Marquees on Screen (continued)

    Original thread:

    Cinema Marquees on Screen

    A Hard Day's Night, which I previously spotted in Ballad in Blue*, can also
    be seen in the Gideon's Way episode State Visit (filmed in Aug/Sept 1964):


    *A Hard Day's Night in Ballad in Blue

    The world premiere of the Beatles film was on 6th July:


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    In the Decoy episode Stranglehold (1957), the first of the series starring Beverly Garland as an
    undercover policewoman, guest star Joanne Linville is oblivious to several cinema marquees ...


    She is in Times Square, New York. The monument behind her is of Father Francis P. Duffy.

    Seven Wonders of the World was released in 1956, as were all the other marquee films featured:


    Joanne outside a nearby cinema showing the better known Baby Doll:


    The iconic image of Carroll Baker in colour (both actresses are still alive as I write):

    The Selwyn and Apollo theatres were at 229 and 223 West 42nd Street resspectively:


    Unusual arrangement of the stars' names. Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner were in The Mountain, Charlton Heston and Anne Baxter in Three Violent People. "Magnificent Seven" is a mystery (this was some years before the Yul Brynner classic) but nice to see the Boultings' Private Progress was at the same venue.

    The Selwyn closed in 1997. It was later restored and is now known as the (less appealing) American Airlines Theatre:

    Remembering the Selwyn by Steven Puchalski

    A similarly tragic fate befell the Apollo:

    Apollo Theatre - Cinema Treasures


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      Glad at last to contribute to this thread:

      In 1958, Warren Stevens jumps out his car, but he's only got an Intent to Kill, not an intent to go and see the latest attraction showing in a Montreal cinema:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2019-01-13-16h51m14s141.png
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      A Japanese monster flick that's taken two years to stomp its way to Canadian shores.


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        Two Walt Disney films from the 1950s on show at the Sepulveda Drive-In Theatre, California:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Walt Disney's Robin Hood and White Wilderness in Bank Shot.bmp.jpg
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        A considerably lightened image from Bank Shot (1974), which I enjoyed watching again after 33 years.

        The Story of Robin Hood (US title, 1952) and White Wilderness (1958):

        Click image for larger version

Name:	The Story of Robin Hood and White Wilderness.jpg
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          Not a cinema marquee, but outside a newsagents' in Just William's Luck (1948):

          Click image for larger version

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          A couple of more-or-less contemporary films starring a favourite of mine, Greta Gynt: Take My Life and Dear Murderer (both 1947), although neither were made or released by the Just William's Luck companies.