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Permanent Standing Sets

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  • Permanent Standing Sets

    I went into IMDB to see if Hitchcocks 'Torn Curtain' (1966) was filmed totally in front of a Back projection Screen. It mentioned one scene filmed on Universal Studios' Stage 28 (The Phantom of the Opera Stage) which stood from 1925 to 2014.

    I'm wondering if a British studio had Permanent Standing Sets.

    I've seen so very many films with a scene set in The House of Commons Chamber in the Palace of Westminster.

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    Nothing from the UK - too few stages

    I've come across a permanent theatre set taking over a whole stage M-G-M Culver City - also the 1957 production plans for 'Village of the Damned' are full of notes about modifying an existing (interior stage) standing set if possible for the smaller interior scenes - but the Culver City stages were under used during the late 1950s.
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      Wasn’t the House of Commons set built in Manchester for a production? I don’t know if it’s still there but I seem to remember it was used by quite a few different productions after the original one, whatever it was.


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        Granada Television studios had a House of Commons set which was part of its studio tour - yes it did appear in some other productions. This would have been in the '80s -'90s.
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          I'm amazed at the work needed to construct some sets which appear on screen for less than a minute so I'm hoping that there is/was a storeroom of sets to be used and re-used.


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            I seem to recall that a few years back, a full courtroom set was up for sale or maybe hire, it having been previously used on productions like RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY.


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              There are, I believe, a load of Harry Potter sets, that now form an attraction for fans to visit.


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                This is the Leavesden Studio tour.This used to be an aircraft factory and I remember it well when I referred a match in the London Commercial League


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                  Permanent exterior sets in the UK are next to impossible because of the weather.
                  Sets on stages are usually assembled in pieces, I think they are called 'flats', rather like like a jigsaw puzzle as they have to be removed to allow for the camera to get in and out. These pieces are then stored in what is called a scene dock, so they can be reassembled on a sound stage.
                  Hammer films were well known for 'revamping' their sets. Production Designer Bernard Robinson constructed sets with further use in mind. Exterior sets were built on the 'back lot' at Bray Studios (on the front of the studio in this case!) and did survive the English weather to some degree.
                  If you tap on the following link I go in to it in more detail:


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                    Originally posted by Stephen Pickard View Post
                    Thank you so much. It's amusing to see the same set stand for stories in Transylvania and India.

                    I noticed that the Denham indoor set representing a Russian forest for Knight Without Armour looked similar to the French forest in Under the Red Robe but I'm guessing a lot of that foliage was sitting in plant pots and could be dismantled and sold off.