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Odeon Leicester Square reopens next month

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  • Odeon Leicester Square reopens next month

    At long last the refurbished Odeon is to reopen.Hope they redid the foyer which reminds me of the inside of a fridge.

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    Great. It is also being rebranded as Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square and will have a new capacity of about 800 now that it is fitted with recliner seats.

    The adjacent Studio cinemas have also been reconfigured and refurbished into 4 cinemas, instead of 5. They are also being rebranded as Odeons 2, 3, 4 and 5. The combined capacity is given as 116, so if all the cinemas are the same, each will have just 29 recliner seats.


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      800 seats in the Odeon Leicester Square! Dear oh dear, have attendances declined to such an extent. Apparently, the rear stalls has been turned over to retail space and switch rooms. I am amazed at the current practice of massively reducing seating capacity by cinema chains, multiplexes which had a couple of thousand seats are being reduced to about seven hundred, they can't double prices so how can they earn money by reducing capacity. The days of big premieres are obviously over as film companies will look to other venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, a highly unsatisfactory "cinema", for such events (as has happened with the last couple of Bond movies).


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        The problem with the Odeon Leicester square is that it is not listed so they can do what they like with it,as they have shown in the past.I wonder if the flying horses are still there?


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          A news release about the cinema

          I can understand anyone being sceptical about the changes. To me, this looks as if they are doing a good job. It will be AMC's flagship cinema in Britain so the money may be well spent.