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London map of the IMDb top 1000 movie filming locations

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  • London map of the IMDb top 1000 movie filming locations

    My first post here and I have a weekend project to share –

    I have created a map that shows all the movie filming sites in London.

    In addition to simply listing the locations, it provides information about the scene and tells if the movie is in the IMDb "top 1000" list (the yellow markers).

    I have also written a small article explaining how and why I've created it

    Do you like it?

    Have you got suggestions for improvement?

  • #2
    As a fellow computer programmer I salute your efforts! Very impressive. How easy is it to add stuff to?


    • #3
      How many films in the IMDb have Top 1,000 don't have any locations in London? The vast majority of them I would imagine.

      Is The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp anywhere in your list? What about The Red Shoes? Or do you only deal with more "modern" films

      But an interesting piece of work



      • #4
        This is phenomenal work, and really interesting! I have a couple of questions for you. What do the numbers (1, 2 & 3) denote? Also, I really like the feature where it shows you additional filming locations for the selected film - would it be possible for that list to contain links? As in, when you click on one of the other locations in the list, it automatically takes you to that spot?