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    I think this is in the right section. This film released in 1956 has several British stars. Sir Cedric Hardwick, Stanley Baker, Nora Swinburne, and Torin Thatcher. The two main stars, Rossana Podesta and Jacques Serena, I believe, we’re Italian. CinemaScope and Warner colour. Good action film. Rossana Podesta voice was dubbed into English in this film. A mistake, Jacques Serena was considered a French actor, at times he used the spelling of his first name, Jack. After the filming of Helen of Troy, he remained in Hollywood. Unfortunately very few roles ever were offered to him. He left Hollywood. In Helen of Troy he did spell his first name, Jack. Another British actor in this film was Robert Douglas.
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    Probably better known now as an early role for Brigitte Bardot.


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      Stock footage from this found its way into Jason and the Argonauts (1963).


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        How right you are agutterfan.
        .Brigitte Bardot did have a role in Helen of Troy. She played the part of a servant girl. She had dark brown colour hair. Not the bleach blonde platinum hair she had in her days as a sex symbol.
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