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John Forgeham (1941-2017)

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  • John Forgeham (1941-2017)

    Character actor John Forgeham has passed away the age of 75, according to his daughter Jonesta.
    Formerly living in Saltdean, Brighton, latterly he had been living in a Nursing Home specialising in dementia in Worthing, West Sussex.
    He died after suffering a fall from his bed.
    John was probably best known for his role in the Italian Job (1969) and for tough TV roles in the Sweeney, The Professionals, Prime Suspect, Footballers Wives and Lovejoy.


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    R.I.P. John

    He also played popular car mechanic Jim Baines in the soap 'Crossroads' in the late 70's.


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      The name didn't ring a bell ... but after a trip to Google ....

      I can remember when growing up in the 50s and 60s when we got out first television. All/most of the fayre that was on offer on Australian television was American programs, particularly westerns. And there was an actor who constantly and frequently appeared in so may episodes in different character roles that he became such a familiar face, even though he was never a regular in any one program. His name was Dabbs Greer.

      And as soon as I recognised John Forgeham, that's how I remember him, a UK equivalent of Dabbs Greer.


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        One of those actors who you instantly recognise and who has been in everything but who isn't a household name. I remember him best as the hitman "Eddie the Corrector" in Bulman, but also from the Italian Job, Crossroads, Ever Decreasing Circles etc etc.



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          The Guardian obituary



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            John was certainly distinctive in everything he did, with his platinum blond hair, hefty build and cold eyed stare. The sort of character actor specialising in villains you don't seem much anymore.


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              Didn't know his career was so up and down according to above obituary. Must have been the fact they repeated so much of his work. Nice interview on the Sweeney DVD.


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                The Sweeney DVD interview was a bit strange, he talked about sticking one on John Thaw! If he had done that, he'd have been kicked off of the show...John F. was a bit of a divisive figure, but one hopes his comments were tongue in cheek.


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                  A classic example of know the face, but not the name. Here's his credits: - never better than when threatening some character!