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  • Peter Duffell RIP

    The Guardian obituary


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    Directed Jenny Agutter in King of the Wind, though probably his best directorial job was for The Avengers classic season 5 episode "The Winged Avenger". EE-URP!


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      Very unhappy about this, there was a time when I used to talk with Peter on the ‘phone every couple of weeks. He saved the day on The Avengers by finishing off The Winged Avenger after the first director was fired, but did not go onto become a regular on the show. Somebody did not want him on the show because of his association with Jack Greenwood, leaving Julian Wintle feeling so bad about the situation he managed to get Duffell on the team of another film series Man in a Suitcase. From that series Duffell managed to work on The Ugliest Girl in Town, Strange Report, Journey to the Unknown and From a Bird’s Eye View. He was extremely proud of the feature film Inside Out, where he worked with Telly Savalas, Robert Culp and James Mason. He also recalled going on location to India to direct The Far Pavilions, progressing to command the action on Tales of the Unexpected, Inspector Morse and Flambards. During the ‘90s, Duffell made a comeback directing episodes of Space Precinct, holding Gerry Anderson in high regard. Without any doubt Peter was an absolute top guy and he also directed some solid material.


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        You can see on the Scotland Yard series that when Jack Greenwood took over and used his directors that it had a more sleeker and modern approach. I was not much of a fan of the Rigg colour series but there IMHO some gems in there and The Winged Avenger was one of them.


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          I worked on the post production of "England Made Me" at Pinewood. I remember Peter Duffell as being a very pleasant man to work with. RIP.


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            A fine director. I loved England Made Me and House That Dripped Blood.