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Jeremy Wilkin RIP

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  • Jeremy Wilkin RIP
    Last edited by will; 31st January 2018, 10:57 AM.

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    Much loved for his 60s UK TV appearances, particularly for Gerry Anderson.

    As English-born & many UK credits, can this be moved to Obituaries? His credits:


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        R.I.P. Jeremy, and thank you for the wonderful Undermind. Along with The Protectors, my favourite 1960s discovery on DVD (coincidentally, both ABC shows).

        No mention of Undermind in all the tributes I've seen so far. Or the many appearances on Canadian television beforehand. I researched some of Jeremy's credits at their newspaper archives a few years ago and discovered he was a prominent actor with leading roles in TV plays, including Harold Pinter's A Night Out and The Birthday Party (played by Tom Bell and Robert Shaw, respectively, in the best known screen versions).

        After all those challenging parts , it's surprising that he seemed content to provide voice-overs for puppets in Gerry Anderson shows and an even less demanding recurring role in UFO. Nevertheless, I'm sure I will enjoy just hearing him when I finally get round to my long overdue viewing of Thunderbirds next Sunday, as planned.

        Difficult to comprehend the loss of someone you're so used to seeing as a young man, 50 years ago. I can only send my deepest condolences to surviving friends and family.


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          Always an actor to look out for and very distinctive with that blond hair.
          Very enjoyable in productions from Gerry Anderson and ITC.