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Lewis Gilbert RIP

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    Originally posted by Gerald Lovell View Post
    Yes, Lewis was an actor in it and got a bit of a hard time from Mr. Powell. He played the brother of the hero's girlfriend. There's no word of its existence, I'm afraid. I'll try and scan in the relevant pages for you tomorrow.
    Thanks Gerald,
    Did his character have a name?
    Or should I just describe him as “Brother-in-law (or in love) of Grierson” (Campbell Gullan)?



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      No character name, Steve, so if Margaret Nevern is the name of the hero's girlfriend, then Lewis plays her brother, but there's stuff on the character of Michael Powell!

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        Of course he is justly famous for Alfie and Educating Rita, but his genius here was to take stage plays and open them up so successfully most people would not guess their theatrical origins. Great credits:, an important figure in British cinema.
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          Originally posted by Gerald Lovell View Post
          No character name, Steve, so if Margaret Nevern is the name of the hero's girlfriend, then Lewis plays her brother, but there's stuff on the character of Michael Powell!



          Great stuff, thanks for all of that. Yes, it shows Powell’s character. Nothing we didn’t already know but it’s good to have it confirmed from another source.

          Yes, some people did do some very clever things with QQs, Powell was one of them. As well as learning how to be a director he was also trying out various cinematic ideas. Some failures you never see again but the better ideas can often be seen again later on in his major films.

          But he often wasn’t very diplomatic. Lewis complains that he wasn’t thanked for doing his job. That was often the case. But at least he wasn’t rude to him. He apparently had a way of dealing with people who didn’t do what was expected and who didn’t live up to his very high standards. He apparently said to one struggling actor “You’re not very good, are you?”



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            His biggest regret was that he had to turn down the chance to direct Oliver due to a prior contract issue. He had already been working on some ideas with Lionel Bart.


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              A wonderful Director and a lovely man too. I was lucky enough to have met him on a few occasions and he was a warm, modest, friendly individual happy to chat about about his fine work. He was a little taken aback when I mentioned Cosh Boy!! The last time was whilst he was having lunch with the ghost writer of his book.

              When he was finished he came over for a chat about films and football. Among my favourites are of course Reach for the Sky, Carve Her Name With Pride, Alfie, The Admirable Crichton, The Good Die Young, Albet RN, Grengage Summer, Shirley Valentine, there are so many. I can’t think of another British Director, who made so many memorable and wonderful films that meant so much to me.

              Wonderful character that gave us so much to enjoy and remember.

              He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.



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                Lewis Gilbert is now listed on the IMDb as an actor in The Price of a Song (1935)



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                  You must have a fast lane. Me, trying to get a correction, and it was a major foul up on their part where they mixed the credits of two separate actresses and had most of them in the wrong filmography, took forever and a day.


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                    Originally posted by will View Post
                    You must have a fast lane
                    Well I've been supplying information for them since they started on the web (or at least since 1994 or so) Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbup1.gif Views:	5 Size:	770 Bytes ID:	54599

                    If you can provide proof of what you are saying, like screen grabs or URLs of web sites, then it goes a lot faster



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                      I think THE IPCRESS FILE (directed by Sidney J Furie, and which made Michael Caine a major international star ) was released a year before Lewis Gilbert's ALFIE .....

                      INDEPENDENT obituary: