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Peter Miles RIP

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  • Peter Miles RIP

    Passed away at 89 .

    Miles starred as many characters throughout Doctor Who’s classic series.

    He most famously had the role of Davros’) right-hand man, Nyder, in Genesis of the Daleks opposite Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor.

    Miles also had parts in Jon Pertwee’s serials, Doctor Who and the Silurians and Invasions of the Dinosaurs.

    He would go on to star in several Sarah Jane Smith audio episodes as well as the I, Davros series.

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    Who can forget his portrayals of pure evil in Colditz and Doctor Who serial Genesis of the Daleks. As I'm slowly working my way through early 70s TV DVD box sets he keeps cropping up, always welcome, and always welcomed with the phrase "it's Nyder!". His credits: