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John Heard RIP

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  • John Heard RIP

    The BBC is announcing the death at the age of 71 of John Heard.


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    Whilst the Guardian reports his age as 72.



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      A really good, but perhaps underused actor. I first remember him in Catholic Boys (Heaven Help Us) in 1985, as Brother Timothy (the film is a gem), and he did a good turn as an awful toy executive in Big. He was excellent in Cross of Fire, which was a very good film, but he was right to think it didn't get as much attention as it should have done. Perhaps he's a bit like William Atherton, whose a great actor, but whose still best known for Ghostbusters/Die Hard - sometimes actors careers get defined by a role which is fluff, but everyone loves.

      BTW - married to Margot Kidder for six days! What the hell was that about?


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        'skills worth ' verses 'earnings worth ' question . Actors in Hollywood that fall into arms of said seductress , arguable you say Willingly , perhaps . John being a good example of earlly promise gone to seed .

        saw 2 of his films past week , as I remembered the Actor that was , some 30 years ago ....

        Cutter's Way (1981) arguably his best work , & C.H.U.D (1985) , minor but entertaining bmovie .
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          The Guardian obituary



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            Originally posted by AlecLeamas View Post
            'skills worth ' verses 'earning a living worth ' question , actors in hollywood who put themselves in the arms of seduction , arguable you say , Willingly , perhaps . John being a good example of earlly promise gone to seed .

            happened to watch two John Heard films last week , becuase i remembered the actor that was ....

            Cutter's Way (1981) , revisited some 20 years after i first viewed , is arguably his best work , & C.H.U.D (1985) , nice littel bmovie .
            Interestingly, James Woods describes him as 'complex', a coded term for something, I guess. I first saw him in Cat People, not a great movie but he was a good leading man. I was always surprised he didn't get move leading roles.


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              John did some work in the UK

              1985 Tender is the Night
              1989 Virtuoso
              1992 Disaster at Valdez
              1994 Waterland

              1994 Spoils of War (U.S/U.K co production)

              1987 Out on a Limb (UK filming)

              2005 Prison Break (U.S series with UK financial backing)

              I think he qualifies for the Obituaries thread


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