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  • David Collings RIP is reporting the death today (23 March 2020) of actor David Collings, based on an announcement by his family on Twitter.

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    Always liked him as Silver in Sapphire & Steel, and he was very good in the Dr Who serial "The Robots of Death".


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      A memorable personality and another sad loss in this ghastly year of 2020. Deepest condolences to family and friends at what is an already difficult time for everyone.

      ITC fans will remember David best as the tormented Prowler Alan Campbell-Gore in Gideon's Way, who found a sympathetic friend in Gillian Lewis before turning against her (for no apparent reason!).

      When I first saw him on DVD, in an episode of Special Branch, as a newspaper colleague of the also recently-late Tony Britton, I recognised David but couln't quite recall where from. I'm pretty sure this was one of the very first occasions an actor's filmography supplied the answer, for a glance at his IMDb credits reminded me that he was Bob Cratchit in the musical version of Scrooge.

      Tragic Coincidence

      David Collings is the third star of Scrooge that we've lost in just over a month. The other two are Frances Cuka, who played his wife, and Michael Medwin (Scrooge's nephew). A lot of my favourite stars are in this my favourite Christmas film and I'm sorry to say only two members of the (credited) adult cast are still alive now: Mary Peach and Suzanne Neve. Albert Finney died last year.

      Furthermore, his first appearance on screen, a missing Wednesday Play entitled Moving On, was broadcast 55 years ago today (the day after I was born, actually), 24th March 1965. He filmed his Gideon's Way episode the same month.
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        The Guardian obituary


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          I was watching him last night on Lost Sitcoms - Steptoe and Son as Wilfred Brambell/Albert Steptoe. Fantastic performance.


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            Perfectly cast as Bob Cratchit in Scrooge, so frail it looked as though a gust of wind might blow him away.