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Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

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  • Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

    Starting a thread here for this, my favourite film.

    A brief overview:

    Baron Frankenstein (the wonderful Peter Cushing) is conducting experiments into what happens to the soul of a person when they die, assisted by the absent-minded but devoted Dr Hertz (a brilliant performance by Thorley Walters). Due to a tragic chain of events the Baron is handed the perfect opportunity to put his findings to practical use, with deadly results.


    Great all round in addition to the two mentioned above. Robert Morris is utterly convincing as the endearing young man who is doomed by his only flaw - his temper. Susan Denberg does really well as his sweetheart Christina, considering she was working with much more experienced performers and Nikki Van Zyl takes on the voice duties. Peter Blythe inspires genuine loathing as the thoroughly nasty gentleman gang leader Anton, and Derek Fowlds excels as Johann, an Anton wannabe who despite his attempts to imitate his leader cannot entirely hide his immaturity and naive, kinder side. The moment when Christina's father, Herr Kieve, played by Alan MacNaughton, who has always been cruel to Hans, places a warning hand on the young man in a moment of high tension is genuinely touching. The standout performance for me though towering above all of even these is by Barry Warren as Karl, who completes Anton's gang; for what Barry himself considered to be only a minor part (I strongly disagree!), he gives the character incredible depth and complexity, too many examples to list here but I will be expanding on in my next post which I have carried across from Britmovie I, with some editing and additions. The best way I can convey the brilliance of Barry's performance is to state that even having watched this film a countless number of times over the 30 years since I first watched it, after all this time I am still making new and exciting discoveries in his portrayal that I have previously missed, precious moments indeed to be found, marvelled at and cherished.


    Sadly, at the time of writing, of the main cast apart from possibly Susan Denberg, only Derek Fowlds and Robert Morris are still with us. The two men have however provided a running commentary which is available on at least one DVD presentation of the film. Frustratingly, it was not available in a U.K. compatible format when I last checked, but I will look again and find a way to listen and enjoy this one day, somehow.

    please feel free to share your thoughts on this movie, because I would love to hear them and discuss and will never tire of doing so! :-)
    Spanish language poster for Frankenstein Created Woman
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    Things seen at an early age seem to make a particularly strong impression. I feel a bit the same about "The Innocents," which I saw on television when I was quite young. Terrifying!
    Confession: I still haven't seen FCW all the way through. What I have seen is queasily weird, though.


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      I'd add that James Bernard's score is particularly powerful, the tragic romantic theme for Christina counterpointed with the Baron's theme, which as usual for Bernard, plays out as the title of the film Frank-en-stein creat-ed wo-man.


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        One of the Hammer classics - and a big improvement after Evil of Frankenstein.


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          Originally posted by Professor Marcus View Post
          One of the Hammer classics - and a big improvement after Evil of Frankenstein.
          Or as we renamed it on t'other site The Petulance of Frankenstein. It's just a shame that, as is the case for so many Hammer films, that the famous still of the film is a specially posed publicity still and doesn't feature in the film at all. Having seen an undubbed Susan Denberg in the Star Trek episode "Mudd's Women" I'm glad they dubbed her thick Austrian accent.
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            I've always found 'Created Women' a bit of a struggle to sit through and one of my least favourite of the Hammer Frankenstein's.
            Reading Kat's infectious enthusiasm for this movie though, I will drag it out, blow the dust of and give it another try..


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              Always felt the John Elder/Tony Hinds scripts were a bit superficial, he always seems to set up an interesting premise and then do nothing with it. FCW is a perfect example of an underdeveloped plot.


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                I want to live in that village. It's narrow streets and bridge, street lamps and cute little restaurant. Idyllic!


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                  Always seems to be the weakest in Hammers Frankenstein series for me. I still enjoy it, just prefer the others to it. Each to our own, and rightly so.

                  Did anyone notice the Quad poster sold at auction the other day for £3100 plus commission and VAT... Yikes.. and it was painted over/censored for the Irish Market.