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  • Kes or brassed off

    Either of these for me. Also dead man's shoes is a blinder

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    Brassed Off is a wonderful movie. If you love that, you'll also enjoy another brass band movie, a Dutch movie from 1958 called Fanfare. An absolute classic. Worth going out of your way to see if you ever get a chance.


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      Brassed Off is a wonderful record of the way that the closure of a big industry that employs a whole community will affect not just the workers but also their families - remember the "them aeroplane things - them things with wings on" scene in which Sandra hasn't enough money to pay for the shopping and has to choose what she can do without - even sanitary towels.

      Danny's passionate speech as he *refuses* to accept the cup for winning the brass band competition is the stuff of legends:

      "This band behind me'll tell you that that trophy means more to me than owt else in the whole world. But they'd be wrong! Truth is, I THOUGHT it mattered. I thought that MUSIC mattered. But does it bollocks? Not compared to how people matter."

      "Over the last ten years, this bloody government has systematically destroyed an entire industry. OUR industry. And not just our industry - our communities, our homes, our lives. A fortnight ago, this band's pit were closed - another thousand men lost their jobs. And that's not all they lost. Most of them lost the will to win a while ago. A few of them even lost the will to fight. But when it comes to losing the will to live, to breathe, the point is - if this lot were seals or whales, you'd all be up in bloody arms. But they're not, are they, no, no they're not. They're just ordinary common-or-garden honest, decent human beings. And not one of them with an ounce of bloody hope left. Oh aye, they can knock out a bloody good tune. But what the fuck does that matter?"

      The intercutting into that speech of the horrified faces of presumably middle-class people in the audience is the real killer: Danny is getting through to people other than just those in the mining community.

      I like Phil's propaganda to the little kids when he is playing Mr Chuckles "So God was creating man. And his little assistant came up to him and he said: "Hey, we've got all these bodies left, but we're right out of brains, we're right out of hearts and we're right out of vocal chords." And God said: "Fuck it! Sew 'em up anyway. Smack smiles on the faces and make them talk out of their arses." And lo, God created the Tory Party." and (talking about God) "What's He doing? He can take John Lennon. He can take those three young lads down at Ainsley Pit. He's even thinking of taking my old man. And Margaret bloody Thatcher lives! What's He sodding playing at, eh?"

      Mother 2: This isn't your main job, is it?
      Phil: I'm a miner.
      Mother 2: [incredulously] A miner?
      Phil: You remember them, love? Dinosaurs, dodos, miners.

      Yes, old industries die as new technology makes them uncompetitive or irrelevant. But the government needs to have plans to support and retrain those workers who are affected, not just dump them on the scrapheap. And there need to be other jobs to employ them in after they've been retrained.


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        Originally posted by martinu View Post
        Danny's passionate speech as he *refuses* to accept the cup for winning the brass band competition is the stuff of legends:.....
        Danny certainly had some great lines throughout the film with a little comedy mixed in here and there. I recall the moment when Gloria introduces herself to Danny while the band were rehearsing, and he says something like "Look love, I know it sounds like we need all the help we can get, but we don't normally take in outsiders."