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My Favourite British Film.

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    Originally posted by danielalbert View Post
    I love her Smart Money
    Who's Smart Money?


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      I can't really specify a favourite, i certainly enjoy watching any British (or foreign) film made in the London area studios whatever the quality, mainly for spotting previously uncredited actors or supporting artistes, stuntmen, musicians etc.

      The films i have watched and re-watched many times are :-

      British film (made exclusively in the UK)
      A Night to Remember (1958)

      British film (made on location)
      Mr. Arkadin (1955)

      British documentary film
      Let it Be (1970)


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        The Ballad of Shirley Collins
        When we started this journey several years ago, there was no expectation at all that Shirley would ever sing again. What initially attracted us to making the movie was Shirley’s deep commitment to English folk tradition, and her little-known involvement in arguably the most important field-recording trip of all time; back in 1959 with her then-lover, the iconic ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. The film was going to be about the past, and about the 30 years she had spent living without the thing she loved most. It’s been an absolute privilege to be with Shirley on this long journey back to her
        singing again, and along the way, the film has evolved into something we never expected.

        Documentarie films are most classics, I do love them.
        Welcome to the 2018 UK Documentaries Catalogue presented by British Council. We’re proud to be championing new and upcoming UK films and filmmakers to programmers and audiences around the world. This catalogue includes details of selected UK featurelength and short documentaries that have been released in 2017 and 2018, as well as flagging up some featur ...


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          Originally posted by Steve Crook View Post

          You can't have more than one favourite in a horse race

          You can have joint favourites or co favourites in a horse race.