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Oliver! (1968)

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    Originally posted by Faginsgirl View Post
    Surely Dickens was making a point that the London's underclass were thin and malnourished. Mrs Bumble perhaps.


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      Jodie Prenger or whatever her name is was in the stage show. I don't think she could be described as malnourished! As the great Les Dawson was heard to say 'She was built when meat was cheap'!
      In the death scene at the hands of Bill Sikes, my money would have been on Jodie!


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        Originally posted by tv horror View Post
        The song that frightened me as a child was "Molly Malone" of course I knew of it and had heard it many times as I live in Ireland. However it was only after watching The Premature burial with Vincent Price that it struck home, my father had brought us to see it while we were holidaying in the country. As we had a cottage with no electric and in was pitch black my older siblings sang this song while I was in terror. After that I heard it everywhere and would break out in a cold sweat even at school, if not singing then on the radio everywhere! Maybe because it was a rural cinema but they let anyone in and it was a treat? and the other thing was it never advertised it just showed what was available. I was about 7 yrs old and even the music fooled me, it was slowly built up and I would then hid my eyes then stop and I looked up only to see the shock scene! Great times.
        Incidentally, Ray Milland was the star of "The Premature Burial", not Vincent Price. Although it was the only Roger Corman / Edgar Allen Poe adaptation that didn't star Vincent.


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          Oops Darren how could I have made such a mistake, next time I'm at my mistress' house I shall get her to scold me for such a simple mistake..