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Becket (1964)

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  • Becket (1964)

    This is one of my favorite films. The DVD is excellent quality, and there are some nice extras as well:

    Richard Burton's thoughtful performance makes Becket's transformation into a serious Christian who takes his faith and its responsibility seriously - and infuriates the king who put him there - makes it worth seeing by itself, and he and Peter O'Toole are very well matched. How many opportunities are there to see two great actors working together in great roles?

    The production is magnificent. Ah - once again I will regret the passing of those historical dramas and epics! The British were the masters and the experts when it came to this type of film. Peter Glenville makes sure the film is absorbing and clear. The only problem for me is that, like A Man for All Seasons, it is over too quickly. ‚Äč

    Pamela Browne, Martita Hunt and Felix Aylmer are all effective, and John Gielgud lays it on a bit thick as Louis VII although he definitely makes an impact in the part.

    If you enjoy historical films (and how many are entirely accurate...?) Becket has to be at the top of the list.

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    Peter O'Toole's archive is heading to Austin, Texas.



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      In this classic interview there is a clip of Becket, and afterwards Burton's comments on his 'overacting' in the scene. From 32:26 ...


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        Burton and O'Toole did work together in the Andrew Sinclair 1971 version of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood. But it appears the chemistry was not repeated and the release became something of a lame duck.


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          Links to the original "Becket" thread, which included the pressbook that I uploaded:

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