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Flying for Fun (an affair with an aeroplane)

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  • Flying for Fun (an affair with an aeroplane)

    As some people on here probably realise - I have always been an aviation enthusiast and this little film is now historic in its own right.
    The BBC made this in 1987 - it is based on the book by Major Jack Parham (later Maj General) who was an artillery officer in WW1 and WW2 - the book is about his little Aeronca Monoplane with a 2 cylinder engine which he owned in the 1930's - he had always been keen on flying and he was one of the Army officers who were responsible for rekindling Army flying for Artillery spotting in WW2 and after.
    A very quiet,gentle and 'British' Film
    With Geoffrey Beevers,Shelagh Day,Roger McKern

    Jack Parham also loved music and poetry and during the film we hear the lovely Serenade For Strings in E major Op. 22 by Dvořák which I believe was one of Jack's favourite pieces.

    Someone has posted a copy on Youtube in 10 parts but if anybody would like a copy on DVD - I do have my original VHS recording on disc.

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    Thanks for the link, and it might be worth contacted the BBC to see if they would put it on Iplayer. The archive section is growing all the time, and although they havn't seemingly done a new BBC Four collection for us plane buffs for a while, the ones on the 747 are still available.


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      Interesting idea - how would I go about contacting them ? (ie is there a specific dept who deal with these sort of requests).
      rgds BS


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        The BBC website has a contact email - and they are pretty good at passing things on to the right department.