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Innocents in Paris (1953)

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  • Innocents in Paris (1953)

    Watching 'Innocents in Paris' (1953) on Talking Pictures TV again this morning - one of my fave B&W Brit films. I love the depiction of how people were in those days, the awesome aeroplane trip and the plane itself, the fact you could take a luxury weekend break in Paris for £1.00 and that the maximum cash you could take abroad was £5.00! WOW those were the days! Love it. It's incredible that just around 70 years ago only a few pennies were worth SO much. People who are in their 90s now and can remember living in those times have seen such a massive amount of change. 'Innocents in Paris' (1953) really shows the differences in a very charming and amusing way.

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    Actually you can be in your seventies and remember those times.I remember going with my mum and dad on the cross channel steamer in the early fifties going to Le Touquet.I remember being sick the first night,the windy beach and the hors d'oeuvres trolly.Probably started me off on my wanderlust which has taken me to over 70 countries


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      In 2017, the relative value of £5 from 1953 ranges from £125.90 to £602.10
      (according to

      That's only the cash you could take



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        If you tried to take more than £5 with you those nice warm hearted customs officers would relieve you of any excess.


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          I'm very surprised this film has never even had a DVD or Blu-ray release. I recall Channel 4 showing it many years ago, but I would have expected a company such as Network to release it.

          I did actually e-mail Network some time ago (at the time they welcomed suggestions for future releases), and did suggest this film to them and another one which I'd like to see released which is The Story Of Gilbert And Sullivan. So far no joy by the looks of things.