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Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) (1975)

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  • Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) (1975)

    Bob Godfrey's ode to Isambard Kingdom Brunel has long been a favourite of mine. With a perfect voice cast with Harry Fowler and Angus Lennie as standouts. A couple of "Great" songs, Big Top Hat and the lament for Great Western Railways that always makes me cry.
    Rewarded with BAFTA and Academy awards for best animated short in 1976.
    Availability has always been an issue, which increases the films allure.
    And. lo, it was available as a pay per view on Vimeo:


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    I missed this when it was available.

    Sadly this link now gives - "This domain has expired. If you owned this domain, contact your domain registration service provider for further assistance. If you need help identifying your provider, visit".

    Do we know where it resides now ?

    Thank you.


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      I remember seeing IKB a few years back and was struck by its rip roaring pace, great music and ingenuity. I wish it was available on DVD. Like his notorious but hilarious lampoon on senior sex, "The Kama Sutra Rides Again", also unavailable on commercial release, which was an occasional staple of late night viewing down the years on TV, but now unseen for years. What a talent he was.


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        Fully agree. Somebody out there must know where they are.