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The Shakedown (1959)

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  • The Shakedown (1959)

    The Shakedown (1959)
    A terrific, taut, fast paced, hugely enjoyable British crime-thriller co-written by Leigh Vance of Mission Impossible and The Avengers fame – co-written and directed by John Lemont. Rated an X Certificate on release in 1959 because of the glamour-studio plot which includes one rare topless picture. The film has a fine cast headlined by Terence Morgan, Hazel Court and Harry H Corbett.

    Augie Cortona (Morgan) a newly released convict, opens up a photographic studio that serves as a front for pornographic and blackmail activities. He runs into trouble with a rival gangster, (Corbett) and bitter warfare erupts. Scotland Yard employ a beautiful undercover female model (Court) to infiltrate the ex-con's glamour-girl set-up.

    This is one of the best pictures I’ve seen on Talking Pictures TV. Terence Morgan plays Augie Cortona with the style and panache of James Bond

    The theme song ‘Shakedown’ is performed by Kathy Kirby.
    Highly recommended.

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    The theme song ‘Shakedown’ is performed by Kathy Kirby

    Are you sure ?

    I recall that Sheila Buxton (from The Golden Disc and the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra broadcasts...) sang the song in a nightclub scene in the film...