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Miriam Margolyes Choice For Worst Person In Showbiz

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  • Miriam Margolyes Choice For Worst Person In Showbiz

    She has a new book out in which she is very candid about the people she has met in her 60 odd years in showbiz. Pretty scathing about the Monty Python team but the person she named as the worst she came across in her career is Terry Scott.

    I've heard the odd bad thing about him, mostly to do with money, but it must take something to be named the worst in someone's whole career.

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    "Worst" in what way?
    Does anyone really care what MM thinks?

    I'd be more interested in what June Whitfield thought of him, but she would have been too polite to say, if it was something negative.


    • Eric7885
      Eric7885 commented
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      She wrote a book. That is her opinion. She wants to make money. Would I buy her book? Probably not. Books today are not cheap. The average book, here in Canada would cost you around 40 dollars.Terry Scott is dead. He can’t defend himself.
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    • MarcusHeslop(Stonfan)
      MarcusHeslop(Stonfan) commented
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      I read the article. She says Terry Scott was always trying to kiss the chorus girls and grope them. I believe her. She has no reason to lie about this. She says very nice things about Bob Monkhouse so this isn't a case of just being nasty for the sake of it. June Whitfield has said positive things about Terry Scott. She obviously didn't see his dark side. I care what MM thinks. She's an absolute hoot and a fine actress.

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    I agree with MarcusHeslop(Stonfan) that “She's an absolute hoot and a fine actress.” She’s uncomfortable in interviews, but in a good way, if you know what I mean (like somebody who being “comfortable” as an interview can be a bad thing).
    I went to school with Terry Scott’s daughter. she was very nice, as I remember.
    Also, he played bowls in a club near my house (a bowls club, not a night club, which would have been antisocial and JUST the sort of thing to annoy Ms. Margoyles)
    Neither fact disproves MM’s statement. My job, as a viewer, is to enjoy Terry Scott and to enjoy Miriam Margoyles, and I do both.
    Having said that, I bet a book by Margoyles would be more of a riot than one by Scott.