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Anyone know why Denis Lill wore a wig in Survivors?

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  • Anyone know why Denis Lill wore a wig in Survivors?

    I've been rewatching this old 1975 /76series over the last week and am up to the end of Season 2.

    Season 2 drags a bit and is quite boring. Not as good as the first series. By a long stretch.

    In series 2 the episodes seem to be mostly all about farming techniques which are very unexciting.

    The cast of characters are not likeable either. Gawd knows why they kept Arthur in for so long and that old hobo Herbut. And Pet isn't likeable either.

    But Denis Lill, does anyone know why he wore a wig in the series? It's pretty noticeable. Seems odd, either get an actor with the hair the production team wanted or leave Denis balding. Odd.

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    Dont know . he did look quite leading man .
    The comb-over didnt suit him in 1974 .
    He wore a syrup in Fall of Eagles too .
    After 76 he dropped it altogether to play ageing character parts .
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      Thanks for the reply. I noticed the actor who played Greg, Ian McCulloch, had a comb-over, but all I know of Denis was this strange wig. At first, I was fooled by it but as the series went on I began to notice a strange hairline at the sides like it was glued down. Thanks for the information.


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        Just as an update, I'm midway through season 3, and Denis has a new wig. And it's much better. Actually looks real.Click image for larger version

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          Does anyone have a photo of him in season 1? All the photos I could find on the Survivors page of IMDB seemed to show the S3 syrup which looked OK. I'm not sure why he bothered. I started to lose my hair (initially just as a high forehead, gradually receding backwards over the years) in my early 20s. The thought of trying to hide this, by means of some hideous combover or (god forbid) a syrup, never occurred to me.

          I'm so used to Denis Lill with a bald top and bushy sides that it is very difficult to recognise him with hair on top.


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            Here he is from Season 1. Different wig and in some angles you can see the glue on the side.
            Click image for larger version

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