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    For some reason I wikepedia'd Angus Deayton recently. I read that he was once in a relationship with Stephanie de Sykes. "Ah yes", I thought. "She's the one that sang Sugar me". Turns out that that was the late Lynsey de Paul.

    Looking further, I discovered that Ms. de Sykes had starred in Crossroads as a singer called Holly Brown. Oh, the horror! My mother was a big Crossroads fan, which is how I knew about that. Well, in that series, back in 1974, the fictional Holly Brown had a hit with a song called Born with a smile on my face, and horror upon horror, Ms. de Sykes went on in reality to have a hit with that song and appeared on Top of the Pops. The song's style can best be described as Eurovision song contest circa 1966 - already way out of date by 1974. I will now inflict this ton of cheese upon you.

    Stephanie de sykes & Rain - Born with a smile on my face

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    Ms. Sykes occasionally used to get invited onto the shows of far more talented stars so that she could bask in their reflected glory. Here she is with Basil Brush. What a cheesily artificially plummy voice she is using. Basil asks her if Stephanie de Sykes is her real name and she claims it is. In fact, her real name is Stephanie Ryton. Shame on her! Fancy lying to a poor defenceless animal. I expect she's the sort of heartless person who goes around saying, "Anyone who hates children and animals is a friend of mine!" Surely it's time to CANCEL Ms. Ryton, don't you think?!

    Stephanie De-Sykes on Basil Brush


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      Born with a smile on my face

      If you listen to Ms. Stephanie's video from roughly the 1:48 to the 1:52 point, you will hear this clichéd bit of backing music: DUN, duh, DUN duh, ratta ta-ta! (Sorry, I can't write music).

      Don't Look Back In Anger

      Now listen to the Wurzel's brilliant cover of that rubbish song "Don't look back in anger" from roughly the 1:47 to the 1:52 point, and you will hear the musical cliché again. Proof, if it were needed, that we are living inside "The Matrix". Eek! Me, I'll take the Red Pill every time.


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        And to think, this all came from an innocent curiosity about Angus Deayton. I think the moral of this story is clear... stay off the internet or you'll go blind.


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          Originally posted by StoneAgeMan View Post
          I think the moral of this story is clear... stay off the internet or you'll go blind.
          Well, you didn't, and you're still clear-sighted enough to have provided yourself with a very classy avatar. (P.S. I charge a ten shilling note per compliment. I assume that's what a Stone Age Man like you would use?).


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            I like Stephanie’s music. Did Angus not leave her?


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              Originally posted by googiefan View Post
              I like Stephanie’s music. Did Angus not leave her?
              Yes, hardly surprising after her behaviour. That awful video that garth posted can't have helped either.
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                I don’t think that’s the reason he left her from what I’ve read. The video and song seem good to me.