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  • Sherlock

    The Six Thatcher's

    A better than average episode of Mark Gatiss's updated Holmes, with a less gimmicky feel than usual.
    Using the Six Napoleon's and borrowing vaguely from The Sign of Four, it worked reasonably well and Cumberbatch held the attention as usual.
    Still Hammer's Hound of the Baskerville's is on tomorrow, much more my cup of tea.

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    Sorry, I thought it was as gimmicky, typically overwritten and as badly acted as ever. Sherlock is scripted in exactly the same smart-arsed manner as the Doctor in current DOCTOR WHO.


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      Normally I'd agree with you Gerald. Usually the Gatiss Sherlock's are overwritten and the gimmicks drive me up the wall. They will insist on having Sherlock's thought processes flashed almost subliminally on the screen, so you don't get a chance to read them.
      They still did this endlessly last night (Grr) but overall although far from perfect, I found it more palatable then previous episodes.