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  • Endeavour

    Glad to see the return of this fine series, with it labyrinthine plots, leisurely pacing and splendid photography.
    Nicely acted and no sign yet of Morse turning into the super grouch of the 1980's series
    One thing does bug me though, Morse's use of the Police Jaguar Mk I
    Granted that the producers wanted to maintain the flavour of the earlier Morse with the iconic Jaguar, but come on! would a lowly Detective Constable even acting as the Inspector's bagman get such exclusive use of the vehicle..
    Poor old Chief Constable Bright has to make do with a humble Zodiac, No flashy motor for him!
    It's about time Morse had his own motor. He might not earn much as a DC, but surely they could furnish him with a second hand Ford Pop or Anglia!