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  • Orpheum

    Tuesday 28th at 15.45,à programme on Talking Pictures about cinéma closures in the 1970s.It features the Odeon Temple Fortune, my local.Originalité called Orpheum,hence thé programme title and my site name.A beautiful building,exclu missed by me

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    A great favourite of mine as well. Many were the school holidays when I would see the same film six days running at that particular cinema. My mother wuold never call it The Odeon but always by its original name. Mind you it took me ages to stop calling the ABC Golders Green by its old name which was The Lido.


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      They also featured the Gaumont Finchley where as a kid I would enjoy Saturday Morning Pictures followed by a bag of chips from the Regent Fish Bar at Tally Ho Corner . The Odeon Temple Fortune is actually featured in an episode of Fabian of Scotland Yard where a fur shop gets robbed opposite the cinema which |I think from memory is showing Left Right and Centre.


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        The Odeon was also featured in the 1943 film Battle Of Music.
        The Gaumont was a huge barn of a place which I went to after the Odeon was closed.Problem was Rank were running it down,so boilers were often not working.So saw Star Wars there wearing my coat.Now they have the hideous Artsdepot in a truly ugly building.