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Emmerdale Farm - bloody hell!

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  • Emmerdale Farm - bloody hell!

    'Emmerdale' was on the other night, blimey that has come along way since "nay,nay,nay Mr Wilkes"

    Here we are in the jolly Christmas season trying just to put the world on hold for a couple of weeks ..and Emmerdale offers you a half hour of absolute hell! depression and utter misery with people persistently shouting at each other along with some casual adultery and murder thrown in.

    Those McCain sponsor adds have got it right with the writers.

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    I'd guess that you've never seen Hollyoaks then!


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      Brits like their soap opera characters miserable - no glamour for them - just endless scandal and pain.

      BTW - the head writers of Eastenders said a couple of years ago that they were basing the story arcs on classic Greek drama - nothing is really new.


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        Having become a TV soap watcher over the last few years, I am finding the writing to be so bad to the oint of non stop moaning or trying to predict what they will say next. I swear it's like it's taking part in watching The Litte Rocky Horror show.. As for Brenda in Emmerdale, could no one have just called her a cab to get her out of the show. Stop that thought, could someone have not ordered a coach to get rid of most of the cast.
        It is getting so bad, as for the police in it, the ketstone cops could do a better job. Only just warming up.
        These soaps have very big money budgets and for me they are wasting it on actors and writers. It's just an endless feed of wrong information and a fairytale storyline. Emmerdale has a thing about money as if it grows on tree's but has no reality to real life. I would love to hear from anyone who watches any of the major soaps. The viewing figures show there are millions.


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          I don't watch them anymore, I feel life is too short!

          I used to think the storylines on these things were good but now they are too far fetched.

          Also, no disrespect to young people, but the soaps seem to be swamped with them, most of them get themselves in the 'celebrity' bracket so I find it hard to take them seriously as 'actors'. Of course it's not just the young who get labled 'celebrity', so it's hard to take most t.v seriously today for me. Stick to your proffession and become good at it, forget doing stuff to raise your own ego!!!


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            We gave up on Coronation St many moons ago. It seemed to be following EastEnders down the misery path with an almost constant diet of slanging matches, domestic arguments, women sitting on the stairs sobbing, threats and ludicrous stories. I recently caught an episode of Neighbours (quite enjoyable years ago) but it too is now a misery-fest.


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              I can't abide the soaps, but while I was caring for my late Mum a couple of years back, I had no choice but to watch this for a few months. Mum was a devotee of the programme for decades, but even she had to admit the plot-lines were becoming ludicrous and that there should have been a shuttle ambulance service to the local hospital as pretty much every character ended up in intensive care there at one stage or another.


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                So many channels, why do people still watch these things!


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                  Artificial friendship. The familiarity of fictional characters that you've known for years. Living vicariously through their ups and downs, as a way of artificially experiencing something more interesting than what they do at home. Soap Drama has had a long time to develop, since the early days of TV, but has it ever evolved?