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Can anyone check a 1951 edition of the TV Times

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  • Can anyone check a 1951 edition of the TV Times

    I've tried to find a copy of the TV Times dated from 1951 as I would appreciate a bit of information. There was a programme starring Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens reading The Signal man and it aired on the 10th of December I believe, can anyone help. The actress Dilys Powell was the host made for ATV if that helps.

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    1951 is a bit early for ATV and the TVTimes, tv horror, and Dilys Powell was a well-known film critic, not an actress as far as I know. You do have the right date, however. It was a BBC programme, lasting 35 minutes, called Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens. Summary from the book Charles Dickens on Screen:

    Excerpts from Emlyn Williams' one-man show of readings in the manner of the author.

    I assume you're aware of his later reading, which is on YouTube?
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    Oops should have checked my dates it was for ATV but in 1955 as I've just found a listing in The Stage dated the 20th of October, however many thanks with the replies anything always helps. As for Miss Powell I stand corrected she was indeed a Television presenter and critic, thanks again.