Has anyone been watching Eastenders and following the crime of the century with Aidan as the brain's of the gang. Let's call the gang "the can't shoot straight mob"
If ever you decide to form a gang to do a job, please don't follow Aidan's example as there are some major floor's in it.
Putting the robbery and shooting to one side for the moment, we move straight onto Billy the undertaker if that is the right word. Let's forget how easy he can misplace and bury the wrong coffin and all the grief it would cause but as it's Eastenders that is the norm. Now they have to recover the coffin with the loot in and replace it with the correct coffin and make it look like nothing has been touched.
As anyone would know you need shovels, picks and mattocks to dig the coffin out and taking in the cold weather this will take longer than usual. Secret is when digging up a coffin at night, don't draw attention to yourself such as to much lighting and of course you would not forget your ground sheet to put the removed earth on, so as not to leave signs you were ever there.
One other point is you have to have someone who works in the cemetry to get you in and let you out as most cemetrys in London have security now.
Please also note when digging down to remove a coffin you will need to make the hole slightly bigger as you have to be able to lift the coffin out and have ropes to re lower the correct one back in place and refill in with the earth you dug out. Average time to dig a coffin out even with freash earth in winter would be approx 2 hours at night minimum and you would have to have some kind of labouring skills. It's not for the faint hearted and it is hard work, so dress accordingly.
If anyone has been watching, it's not going quite to plan and I am looking forward to the next exciting instalment of the worst gang in British TV history.
Any views?