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The Lost Peace: A History of Disillusion 1918-1933" (1966)

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  • The Lost Peace: A History of Disillusion 1918-1933" (1966)


    I've just finished re-watching the BBC's "The Great War" and discovered that there was a series produced by the same team in 1966 called "The Lost Peace: A History of Disillusion 1918-1933" which as the title explains covers the period up to "The World At War" (1973). This series was also narrated by the splendid Michael Redgrave.

    From what I can gather it was shown originally in 1966 and repeated in 1968/69. Does anyone remember it? I'd be interested to know if anyone has anymore information.

    Thanks, Lee

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    Try Personally I was too young to see it either time round.


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      Thanks agutterfan,

      The genome website is how I found out about the programme. I realised that if there are any original viewers they are probably going to be in their sixties or seventies by now! It's strange that it's forgotten about. I don't even think there was a video release. I can't get enough of the way Sir Michael Redgrave pronounced "Oar stree ah".


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        I'd never even heard of it, and yes, a repeat showing might be interesting. I suspect that it was less ground-breaking in its format than the one on the First World War (been there, done that), and obviously is slightly less dramatic, hence the relative obscurity.