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Hold The Sunset

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  • Hold The Sunset

    A new John Cleese in anything is worth a look and I found the great man in fine form in this gentle new sitcom, written by Python alumni Charles McKeown
    Alison Steadman is Edith (the original series title) a widow in a September Song romance with J.Cleese's crotchety Phil.
    All is going well until cuckoo in the next son Jason Watkins upsticks from his family and returns home to be looked after by Mum.
    Not laugh out loud funny and Watkins character makes you wish Cleese would pick him up Fawlty style and smack his head against the wall, but amusing enough.

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    IMHO Cleese hasn't been funny since he went into therapy & tried to analyse humour



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      Some of us still have faith in the old boy to make us laugh.


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        Interesting one this. I didn't catch it when it was broadcast, and some pretty poor reviews put me off watching it on catch -up. However Tigon Man's post piqued my interest and I've just finished watching it.

        Not the usual Cleese slapstick which the audience was probably expecting, but intelligent perceptive and gentle humour. I'm hooked!