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1970s British crime series "Law and Order"

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  • 1970s British crime series "Law and Order"

    Only just noticed this 3 part series is currently being shown on BBC4. Written by G.F. Newman, it was hard-hitting and quite controversial in its day, and isn't shown very often.

    Part 2 is 10pm on Thursday, part 1 available on catch-up.

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    It's four parts, actually. Sorry to be pedantic!

    I must admit I've always been baffled by its reputation. I thought it was so black and white in its depiction of those on the supposedly right side of the law as to be as unreal as Dixon of Dock Green on the flip side of the coin; its premise that every single police officer is corrupt is just silly. Also some of the acting is dreadful, particularly Derek Martin and Peter Dean.

    It was an important statement and shook things up necessarily, but I think by the standards of the people who made it, it was to me quite surprisingly shoddy.


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      G.F. Newman was still regurgitating this 60's/70's loony lefty crap up to 2010 in his Crime and Punishment on the BBC. Fortunately only on Radio 4. Not as funny as Judge John Deed, but what could be. Can't help but imagine Newman writing his drivel wearing a Jeremy Corbyn denim fisherman's cap.