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The Crystal Maze (or something similar).

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  • The Crystal Maze (or something similar).

    The Crystal Maze is currently being shown on SBS TV here in Australia.
    However my question is not strictly about this programme but something very similar that was shown on British TV in the early 80's.
    I recall a show that was broadcast on BBC (maybe childrens TV) that had two teams pitted against each other to solve a puzzle.
    The only thingI remember about it is that one big clue was centred around the phrase "Richard of York gave battle"!
    Does anyone else recall this or s it just my imagination?

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    One of my absolute favourite shows - The Adventure Game.

    The mnemonic 'Richard of York...' etc was on a wall as a clue to contestants who had to work out the value of rainbow coloured tokens, if memory serves.

    Gronda gronda, Rangdo.

    Doogy rev.


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      Thank you Tyne.


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        A great show



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          We enjoyed the DVD!


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            And just for you, wadsy, here's the theme tune.


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              Originally posted by agutterfan View Post
              And just for you, wadsy, here's the theme tune.

              Two masters there! Thanks agutterfan!


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                I wonder if there's a slight conflation of The Adventure Game, which didn't have two teams but did have the ROYGBIV mnemonic, with Now Get Out Of That, shown at about the same period, in which two teams were given various tasks across a wide stretch of remote countryside?
                It's less well-remembered now, owing to the absence of the likes of Lesley Judd and Moira Stewart, but I recall Bernard Falk's commentary being a masterpiece of the sardonic.