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  • Luther

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ss1.jpg Views:	3 Size:	348.9 KB ID:	59610

    HAVE anyone watcher luther series?
    Let me be clear, I despise police or detective shows. It just doesn't do it for me. They throw in a new criminal each episode to fill up most of the time and add a little bit of main story progression at the very end of the episode, leaving it to the season finale to wrap things google play services app up in ONE good episode.

    Luther does not do this. Luther is a ride that relentlessly takes you through a thick plot minecraft pe free download. The story is compelling and realistic. The acting is of class (I really like Idris Elba). The music choice at certain parts of the show is so fitting that a smile makes its way on my face amidst the gruesome storyline. I just think this show is spectacular.

    I understand that for a lot of viewers, counter strike 1.6 download certain scenes of this show are difficult to watch. I consider myself capable of handling some pretty nasty stuff, but some parts even got to me. I applaud this show for being the first one in many years to give me that effect.

    I would recommend this show to anyone. I truly hope it continues.
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    “Despise”? Perhaps “dislike” would be more appropriate.


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      Post 1 is a direct lift from an IMDB review.


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        And again there are hypertext links in the text. Time for a ban?



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          What is going on? Copy and pasting from IMDB etc is just weird, and we have a had a number of these type of threadstarters. Why bother?


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            Why bother indeed. But what can we do about it?

            They all seem to be connecting from different places so we can’t block them. Not if we want to leave the forum open to most people.

            i just hope they get fed up before we do



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              The copy and pasting is annoying, but some of the links could be dangerous. If you can't ban, would it not be a good idea to at least delete the threads rather than just closing them?


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                Where I see a link to somewhere dodgy (which is basically a link to anywhere “off topic” that isn’t to do with British films) then I remove the links, often by replacing the linked text with plain text.

                If I was to remove the link at the start of this thread, it would remove the whole thread and all the posts in it.