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The return of Bergerac

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  • The return of Bergerac

    No info about who will play Bergerac or his boss or his girlfriend - or whether Philippa Vale will make an appearance.

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    Brings back memories of The Pomme D'Or Hotel in St Helier where some of the scenes were filmed.


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      I wonder if they will use a Triumph Roadstar. John Nettles hated them as they were very temperamental and very difficult to drive on the islands narrow roads.
      In line with modern sensibilities, they will probably give Bergerac a Toyota Prius or more like a bicycle..


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        No - it's a standard rule that any detective in a TV show generally has to have a 'character car's, unless it's a gritty police series or something loopy like Midsommer (where all the other characters have either ancient cars or expensive sports cars).

        Expect to see something vaguely seventies, with a certain amount of style but not too expensive. And vaguely reliable, for the blood pressure of the production team. While that Rover was apparently a bit of a pig to maintain, Moorses Jag was supposedly not exactly easy to drive either. If a car cant start, noether can shooting....

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      And will Bergerac have aged at all in the intervening 30 years or so? Or will be be played by an actor who is actually younger than John Nettles was when he finished playing Bergerac? Wouldn't it be great if John Nettles came back as Bergerac's boss - or even as a suspect in something.

      It will be hard to replicate the interplay between Jim Bergerac and Charlie Hungerford.


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        They should have a new younger Bergerac who is the child of Jim and Phillipa Vale, who could make guest appearances! Liza Goddard was on Pointless Celebrities on Saturday and looked amazing.


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          This reboot will most likely be a prequel to the Original series and start where Bergerac came from.