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Does viewing order matter re story content: 'Mission: Impossible' (1966+)

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  • Does viewing order matter re story content: 'Mission: Impossible' (1966+)

    I am about to start watching 'Mission: Impossible' (1966-73).

    I have a question: Does it matter - story-wise - in what order this series should be watched i.e. does it need to be watched consecutively from ep1 to the last ep?

    I have noticed that old series like this tend not to have a story arc, so it normally doesn't matter what order episodes are watched. And it would certainly make it easier to watch if I can just pick an episode at random!

    So is there a reason to watch this series in episode order?

    Of course, it would be easier if the series episodes were broadcast with data supplied as to the episode number & series number! But sadly our DVR doesn't supply this data with this particular series, just a brief description of the episode plot. And with 7 years - & 171 episodes - in this series I am not going to have time to research which episode goes where, before I watch them! ,-)
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    The short answer is ... no. There's no story arc for any of the 7 seasons, although you'll notice that in season 1 only they have a different leader, not the all-familar Peter Graves. This post will self destruct in ten seconds ...