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Dads Army: The Lost Episodes

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  • Dads Army: The Lost Episodes

    I’m looking forward to these on Gold later this month. I love Dads Army and these episodes seem to had a lot of love put into them. Some people have been up in arms about them with one actor calling it cultural vandalism. This is a bit over the top. They haven’t remade existing episodes rather it’s new versions of three that have been wiped so this is the only way we will get to see them. I look forward to hearing what other people on Britmovie think about this and what they think of the ‘new’ episodes when screened.

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    I too am looking forward to this.I recently visited the Dad's Army Museum in Thetford which is highly recommended.When you drive into the town you quickly recognise some of the exterior locations.


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      I think some of the casting is a bit off. Kevin McNally is the last person I'd consider to play Mainwaring. Aside from the fact he's a good 7 inches taller, and he looks nothing like Arthur Lowe.

      Surely there are other actors out there who could have played Mainwaring. Also, the guy playing Walker doesn't fit in with what Walker was: a good looking ladies man. He's the opposite of Kevin. He's too short.

      Pike looks too old. Not sure about Bathhurst as Wilson either...

      You couldn't have got a more wrong cast of actors if you tried. Maybe they tried to get awful casting.


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        Well Bathurst has played John le Messsier in Hattie and he was very good. Horne is a good looking lad and has played the romantic lead before ( Gavin and Stacey) so I think these two are a good choice. McNally is an odd choice but we shall see. Rosanthal has a good ten years on Lavender ( in relation to how old Lavender was when he was cast as Pike) but he looks young so, as I say, we shall see.
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