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Song in Quest Red TV programme trailer

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  • Song in Quest Red TV programme trailer

    I am trying to identify the song used in a current Quest Red trailer for the programme The Killer in My Family. The vocalists sound like male choristers, but the song sounds modern.

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    Why dont you just Shazam it the next time it comes on? There is a good chance it will recognise it. Or have a look on the sites which tell you which music appears in an advert - they sont have all the adverts, but again, you might get lucky.


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      I do not use a smart phone, so cannot do that.


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        Shazam also works on Apple laptops and desktops.

        And from this article it can be bodged to work on a PC, too.


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          I just googled the same query and came across this question right here. I forgot, until reading here, that my phone automatically identifies songs. So I had a look, and the answer is - Agnes Obel, Familiar


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            Thanks IanDBear. However, this is not the song.

            I think the song is in a 'advert' for the programme, rather than a trailer. The advert has old fashioned wall paper and picture frames with very dark blood that runs down. The advert also makes reference to bad fruit.

            The vocalists on the song are male. I have contacted dPlay, who have replied that "
            You can find the music used in our trailers here:
  ", but I cannot find the song.


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              Hi Badga61

              .IanDBear is correct that the song is by Agnes Obel, Familiar.

              Skip to 1.35 in the video and it will be the male voice that you hear on the advert.



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                Yes, that's it!

                Thank you.


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                  Ur welcome....

                  Gives u the chills that bit right?!