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Britbox: Fawlty Towers retains N-word

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  • Britbox: Fawlty Towers retains N-word
    Last edited by Maurice; 8 December 2019, 05:46 AM.

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    And rightly so too. I'm against any form of censorship, and whilst the "n-word" doesn't sit well today, it would be wrong of the BBC to pretend the word never existed.


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      I saw a Pink Floyd tribute band a few weeks ago, they did The Wall in its entirety.

      Before the second half (i.e. Side Three), there was an announcement that the lyrics contained some words which are not acceptable these days (can't remember the exact statement). The worst "offender" was the word "c**n" for a black person. Now, I believe Roger Waters to be left-of-centre in his politics so I'm sure this was meant ironically, but still, to hear it blurted out in a song 9as it was) still jarred. I think they were right to a) make the announcement and b) keep the word in. Also, btw, the word "Jewish" was used as an insult.


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        I wish they would retain all the words that were either edited or audioed out of the series of Only Fools and Horses....BUT they will never happen!!