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Dracula (starts 01/01/2020)

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    Nice post, Tonch. Funnily enough, being a werehyena, I met the Count on Saturday when we were both at the Monster Mash. He's just emailed me to say he's read your post and asked me to pass on a few comments - though I don't necessarily agree with any of them.

    'Being Whitby born and bred, I invariably feel a rather proprietorial frisson of interest with each new adaptation of "Dracula". ' Proprietorial? My. that's a big word for a Yorkshireman. Just remember, Whitby would be NOTHING without ME! You can tell Tonch that from now on, this town ain't big enough for the both of us! (I don't usually do quips, but we aristocrats know how much the lower classes enjoy a pun and a bit of innuendo). For all his fancy words, I'll bet Tonch doesn't even know what his blood group is. But now that he's got my blood up, I'll be finding out for myself soon enough - he can COUNT on that!

    Well, I guess you can run but you can't hide, Tonch.


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      He can do his worst, Garth,

      Having driven my son back to Newcastle at 6am yesterday then been up half the night with a poorly wife before taking a big delivery at work first thing this morning and currently nurse-maiding my elderly mother who has shingles, I am now officially a zombie.

      See you at the next Mash; my round.


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        So you were up in my birth city, Tonch. You're having a hard time of it, I see, Let's hope everyone enjoys a speedy recovery.