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    I saw on London Live they are showing the TV series Fox which I remember well from the early 80s. It follows the Fox family from Clapham. Starring Ray Winstone, Larry Lamb, Bernard Hill, Peter Vaughan, Derek O’Connor. I loved this series and often wondered why they only ever made one series? We all watched it and everyone used to talk about it and were also surprised that it never returned. Peter Vaughan is great in the role of the father and Derek O’Connor was so convincing as the club owner with some brilliant dialogue I thought. A great series and a great cast. Oh and the locations! All round London, I’ve been enjoying looking out for some familiar places and how London has changed

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    There was just one season/series of 13 episodes.
    See its entry on the IMDb at



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      Thanks Steve I’ve had a read through that


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        Welcome to the site Sarah. I remember Fox too. If you liked it you might try the earlier serial Out, made by the same writer/production team also for Euston Films for Thames TV. Star Tom Bell turned down a sequel, which might have prompted the new show Fox.


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          thanks agutterfan. I remember Out being on tv. My dad loved it. I am keeping an eye out for these gems on TPTV and elsewhere as I’d love to see them. They made some brilliant series Euston Films. The writing was brilliant. One of my all time favourites was Widows produced by Linda Agran also


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            TPTV just showed both series (I Tivoed them) so keep an eye out as they might repeat them. They're showing "Hazell" too at the moment. If you've not seen it catch an episode before they finish the second and last series.

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          yes I’ve been watching Hazell on TPTV . I saw Widows as well I love that channel