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Dance of the Seven Veils (BBC, 1970)

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  • Dance of the Seven Veils (BBC, 1970)

    Banned Ken Russell film Dance of the Seven Veils screened after 50 years

    Rhys Blakely - Sunday Times - March 01 2020
    Dance of the Seven Veils, condemned by Mary Whitehouse for “gratuitous sex and violence of the most outlandish kind”, was shown at the Keswick Film Festival yesterday
    Credit: BBC

    A bizarre BBC film about the German composer Richard Strauss, once judged to be one of the most scandalous ever made, has been shown publicly for the first time in half a century.

    Ken Russell, the late filmmaker, created a furore in 1970 by depicting Strauss in Nazi uniform and placing him in compromising positions with a number of nuns.

    The film was shown once by the BBC before the Strauss family effectively banned it through their control of the copyright of the composer’s music. That copyright has now expired and the work was shown at the Keswick Film Festival in Cumbria on Saturday.

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