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Out with Tom Bell on Talking Pictures

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  • Out with Tom Bell on Talking Pictures

    At last. One of the best TV series of all. Out written by Trevor Preston starring Tom Bell as Frank Ross starts this coming Saturday night 28th March at midnight.

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    Thanks cassidy, will set my Tivo.


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      I remember this being on back inn78, the promo clip being "Frank Ross is OUT!" I saw it again recently and does stand the test of time well. Great seeing London as I rember it in the 70s, count the amount of British cars on the roads.


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        Iv had this on DVD for a number of years and watched it many times. It was originally made with a sequel in mind and so the characters are well fleshed out. Only one series being the case it appears, to me, to be a couple of episodes to long. The sub stories about his wife and son are to long and slow down the pace. With a second series (to avoid a spoiler) and the return of one of the Villains, possible looking for revenge, the Ross family back story would need to be known. As a one off series it could have done with a bit more Derek Meadows and Brian Cox, even though it was always a bit awkward listning to Brian Cox trying the get tongue round saying Frankie Ross with any menace.


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          I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve set mine to record