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    Just finished series 1 of Mr Rose (Granada TV 1967 13X50 mins B&W video), and I was absolutely delighted by it. I'd avoided this for so long having been disappointed by the shoddiness of Granada's contemporary series The Corridor People, but eventually relented as the price was too good to be true, and series 1 does feature the gorgeous Gillian Lewis, whose ITC/The Avengers appearances I already have. The basic premise is that Chief Inspector Rose (the marvellous William Mervyn) has retired and with valet (the obligatory ex-con, as is the wont for these kind of series) and secretary (Ms Lewis) has settled down to write his memoirs of famous cases (some not all solved). Various figures from his past, concerned about what the memoirs might reveal, try various exploits and subterfuges to discover this, which Rose knowingly engages with, wanting to discover what the real persons & motives are. It's a fairly lighthearted and good humoured mystery series, with some excellent writing credits from the likes of TV stalwarts Philip Mackie, the plots are quite complicated but engaging, especially as Rose deliberately walks into the traps set for him, often making one wonder how on earth he's going to get out of it this time. The acting is uniformly excellent, with great guest stars obviously relishing their well written characters. The direction is assured, so that the studio-bound videotape nature of the show doesn't interfere with ones enjoyment (as it often does), for example there are very few fluffed lines, camera shake or print damage, though the prints do show their age. For those of us like myself who are fans of 60s actresses, thirteen episodes of Gillian Lewis is heaven, and episode "The One Woman" boasts Suzan Farmer, Jennie Linden and Nicola Pagett all in the same episode. Be still my beating heart! The final climactic episode nicely finishes off the series, with some final mysteries laid to rest.

    This makes me think that it's better as a one-off series. 13 episodes rings pretty much all the changes possible from the format, and sadly Ms Lewis did not return. So I don't think there's much life left for further episodes, a supposition supported by the fact that the last two series only total 11 episodes in all. The main character appears in earlier series The Odd Man (not on DVD) and It's Dark Outside (on DVD), but I understand the latter is a more grittier Scotland Yard policier, and I'm not a great fan of police procedurals. So I think I'll give them a miss.

    Anyone who has seen seasons 2 & 3, please leave comments as they would be greatly appreciated. Including any further information about the show.

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