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The Offer on Paramount Plus.

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  • The Offer on Paramount Plus.

    Just finished this superb 10 part series on the new Paramount Plus Channel which is free if you've got Sky Cinema.

    The Offer is all about the making of The Godfather and for fans of that great film this is a must.

    Featuring a barnstorming performance from Matthew Goode who is brilliant as Paramount's Robert Evans.

    I recommend this to the house

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    Totally agree with cassidy's comments. The Offer is a wonderful series, you believe everyone is who they say they are and the whole saga is beautifully conveyed. I immediately saw all three movies again, including the new cut of Part III which was a revelation.

    I have also just finished watching a thing called Gaslit, about the Watergate break-in and what followed. Sean Penn plays CREEP chairman John Mitchell, Julia Roberts is Martha Mitchell and Dan Stevens plays John Dean. All three are outstanding in this A-list production. Dan Stevens and Matthew Goode's careers have certainly taken off since Downton. I was waiting for the scene in which the Watergate burglars make their first appearance in court and wondered if Robert Redford would show up. And he did in the most deliciously witty way imaginable.


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      The Offer sounds good and the kind of series I'll enjoy.
      I've recently seen seen adverts for 1883 on Paramount, a precursor to Yellowstone. 1883 looks like a classic and epic Western series.
      The bugbear for me though is there are so many series out there I'd like to watch, but one has to shell out money on an increasing number of channels to watch them.