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The Singer Not The Song (1960)

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  • The Singer Not The Song (1960)

    Showing on Spike Freeview Ch 31 Friday 24th March 14.20 - 17.00. The last UK dvd release was unfortunately a pan and scan presentation, which was unusual as the last showing on ITV4 was in 'Letterbox' !.

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    Sadly most of the Rank backlog is owned by ITV Studios who use Strawberry Media to release their movies on DVD. Strawberry Media appears to be just a 'pass through' company which has no interest in films per se, it just releases whatever ITV Studios gives to it. Most of time this seems to be pan-and-scan video tapes made for TV showing in the 50s and 60s. ITV Studios seems also to have very little interest in preserving or safeguarding the Rank heritage that it is entrusted with.

    So don't expect too much from THE SINGER NOT THE SONG showing. The last time I glimpsed it on TV it was pan-and-scan and apparently the 2011 DVD release from Strawberry Media is just as bad.

    Fortunately a minority of Rank titles are licensed to Network DVD who know how to treat them better.


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      nice film somewhat underated , its on youtube in widescreen