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Climb Up The Wall (TPTV) - creeping censorship !

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  • Climb Up The Wall (TPTV) - creeping censorship !

    The early Michael Winner film was shown last week in a 6.35p.m. slot, just after Scotland Yard. For those who haven't seen it, it's a ragbag of disparate clips introduced by DJ Jack Jackson featuring Russ Conway and Libby Morris. It was originally granted a 'U' cert (which is shown at the start of the film) and has previously been shown in various time slots on TPTV. Their is a warning about nudity in the film and indeed there is some glimpsish stock footage of topless dancers sitting in a group in what appears to be a West End nightclub. However in this screening TPTV have censored this scene none too subtly with some strategically placed black hearts !

    This seems to be following a trend that ITV have started with recent censorship of daytime screenings of the Carry Ons - how have we become so puritanical in 2018 !?